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Driver Performance Optimization, at VIR and Remotely

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“Peter Krause is simply one of the best driver coaches there is.

Peter’s approach to using data, video and simulators is a big part of why he’s so successful.

He breaks things down and focuses on what’s most important.

That’s what makes a great coach great.

It’s not how fast they drive, how many championships they’ve won or anything else.

Nothing but results of their coaching.

Peter gets results.”

-Ross Bentley, Professional Coach/Author of Speed Secrets

Krause & Associates LLC offers consulting, private, one-on-one and small group (team/shop) driver performance evaluation and coaching at VIRginia International Raceway and remotely via cloud based sharing.

We recommend Track Advantage, SCDA, Chin Track Days, TrackDaze, Audi Club, PCA, David Murry Track Days, VIR Club Member Driving Days!

Others may be available upon request.

Effective January 2022, Ray Phillips, owner of Precision Driving Analytics in Durham, North Carolina acquired the multi-line data and video hardware sales and support business unit of Krause & Associates LLC

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