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Private Driver Performance Analysis and Optimization

2019 VIRginia International Raceway SCCA RunOffs Preparation by Appointment

VIR Club Member Driving Days Performance Optimization by Appointment

At-Event Private Driver Performance Analysis includes pre-event vetted course notes and videos and includes loan of state-of-the-art HD video/data logging equipment to be used along with any existing system.

Client performance is measured against proven benchmarks instead of other drivers, who are often variables themselves.

Our mission is to assist clients to drive the best they can, within their own acceptable risk/benefit ratio.

By Appointment and Prior Reservation, Only

Online Performance Review

Online analysis and performance review, ideal for remote evaluation and analysis. $250/hr, two-hour minimum.

At-Event Performance Review and Optimization

  1. Dedicated full day (six hours of one-on-one) at-event analysis for one driver at VIR. $1500/day

2019 Schedule Dates in black are available by appointment, dates in red confirm planned attendance

  1. Jan 29-Feb 1, Sebring International Raceway, David Murry Track Days/PCA Club Racing Booked

  2. Feb 9-10, VIR, K&A Driver Development Center, AiM Sports LearnFast Seminars Booked

  3. Mar 7, VIR, Formula Experiences Special Event with Ross Bentley Booked

  4. Mar 15, VIR, PCA Zone 2 DE Booked

  5. Mar 22, VIR, NASA-MA

  6. Apr 5-7, VIR, VDCA

  7. Apr 8-9, VIR, Audi Club Special Event with Randy Pobst, Michael Levitas. Individual session sign up HERE

  8. Apr 10, VIR, VIR Club Member Driving Day

  9. Apr 11, VIR, Formula Experiences Special Event with Ross Bentley Booked

  10. Apr 12, VIR, SCCA Majors

  11. Apr 17-18, VIR, David Murry Track Days

  12. Apr 20, VIR, VIR Club Member Driving Days Booked

  13. Apr 22-23, VIR, K&A MoTeC Seminar with Chris Brown. Information click here: Squiggly Lines Classes VIR.pdf

  14. Apr 25, VIR, VIR Open Test

  15. May 4-5, VIR, K&A AiM Sports LearnFast Seminars Register Here Booked

  16. May 10, VIR, Formula Experiences Special Event with Ross Bentley Booked

  17. May 24-25, VIR, FSR-PCA DE Friday Booked, Saturday Available

  18. Jun 3-4, VIR, Chin Track Days

  19. Jun 19-20, VIR, David Murry Track Days

  20. Jun 21, VIR, Zone 2 PCA Club Race

  21. Jun 29-30, Chin Track Days

Summer and Fall Schedule Posted in May 2019

All at-event engagements includes comprehensive briefing/debriefing, trackside instruction and study materials.

Includes loan of additional video and data equipment, to be used in concert with equipment already in the car.

I use data and video exclusively and do not ride with clients. Together, we undertake a careful review of the client’s performance every session and prepare no more than two objectives for the next session.

At VIR, access is included to our private Driver Development Center located on the campus of Virginia Motorsports Technology Park, adjacent to VIR and five minutes from the paddock.

All event entry fees and other client expenses are the client’s responsibility. MC/Visa/PayPal accepted.

Engagements are due and payable in advance. Inquire for detailed policies.